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Indian Girl
with Foxes

 © 1995,  Arlene's Original Designs

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Materials and Supplies

  1. 1/2 yard of terra-cotta colored cotton broadcloth (for body)
  2. 10" by 18" piece of leather-colored suede cloth or velour (for dress)
  3. 6" by 12" piece of rust-colored suede cloth or velour (for foxes)
  4. Thread to match all three fabrics
  5. 13 1/2" of 18 gauge white, covered, florist's wire
  6. 1/2 cup of Poly-pellets or 1/3 cup of sand
  7.  Fiber-fill, approx.1/8 bag
  8. Soft lead pencil
  9. Ball point pen or stylus 
  10. Stop Fraying
  11. Thick Designer Tacky Glue
  12. Tack-It over and over
  13. Transfer paper
  14. Craft stick
  15. One small plastic bag, i.e. Baggie
  16. Paint brushes: One 10/0 liner, one 1/2", one coarse brush, (i.e. a scumbler or old oil paint brush) one #4-6 all-purpose round
  17. Artist's Acrylic paint: black, white, coral pink brown (light cinnamon DA114), mustard (true ochre)
  18. Clear Acrylic water base finish, either satin or matte
  19. Wavy Locks Acrylic Hair, black or dark brown, two 12" lengths (24" in all)
  20. Embroidery thread, 7" to match dress
  21. 2 brightly colored 1" feathers
  22. Two 1/4" pom poms
    Click HERE for pattern.
    To increase stability while sitting, glue one pom pom to the top of each back dart.

    To increase poseability, apply Tack-It over and over to the bottoms of both feet.


1. Cut out pattern pieces and set sewing machine on smallest stitch.
2. Place pattern pieces on double layer of fabric and draw around with pencil.
3. Cut out head pieces only, stitch back head-pieces together. Trace face onto front head-piece and stitch to back head-pieces with the face transfer to the inside.

4. Stitch body and legs directly on line. Work Stop Fraying into the front slash mark and a tiny bit into the web space between the thumb and the hand.

5. Cut out body and legs, leaving a 1/4" seam allowance, put body pattern back onto unmarked side and mark the two darts onto the back.

6. Pull body bottom apart and stitch all four darts.

7. Fold both ends of the florist's wire back 1" and wrap loops with fiber-fill.

8. Turn both legs inside-out, put a tiny bit of fiber-fill into the feet, tie a knot to form the heels and ankles, make feet measure 1 1/2" from heel to toe. 

 9. Stuff the calf portion of both legs firmly to measure 2 1/2" and tie a knot to form the knees, stuff top portion of legs to stitch marks and stitch closed.

10. Cut open front body at slash mark and put legs inside body bottom and put the feet and legs out at slashed area with the point of the knees facing the body. Stitch along bottom leaving a 1/4" seam allowance.

11. Turn body inside-out and insert wire inside arms, stuff top half of body and force bag of pellets or sand into bottom, finish stuffing and whip stitch closed.

12. Trim head seam to 1/8", turn inside-out and stuff firmly.

13. Brush one coat of clear acrylic over entire face and front seam and let dry.

14. Paint whites of eyes white, paint irises brown and pupil black, paint mouth pink, mix pink, white and brown to form a soft brown and paint eyelids; line nose, mouth and eyes with brown. Finish with one more coat of clear acrylic.

15. Push some of the fiber-fill away from the back opening of the head, spread tacky glue on neck and inside head and push head onto neck.

HAIR (wig)

1. Mark center of both 12" lengths of wavy locks with a pin, then stitch back-and-forth across the center 4 times on each length. Lay hair on ironing board and press flat with steam iron. When hair is cool and dry, comb through with a wide comb or brush. (A lot will come out)

2. Spread tacky glue over top, sides and back of head and press one wig into glue, spreading hair to cover sides and back. Glue second wig on top of the first, but glue just the top center.

3. Tie feathers onto ends of embroidery thread and tie into side of hair.


1. Place pre-cut pattern on wrong side of double layer of dress fabric, right sides together, draw around with pencil and mark fringe. Machine stitch shoulders and sides, but do not cut out yet. Turn fabric over and place pattern on unmarked side. Mark fringe, neck and back opening.

2. Use the all-purpose brush to paint Stop Fraying onto the neck (both front and back) and the back opening and let dry.

3. Cut out dress, leaving a 1/4" seam allowance; cut neck, back opening and fringe.

4. Place dress on doll, overlap back 1/8" and glue back together.


1. Place pre-cut pattern on wrong side of double layer of "Fox" fabric, right sides together, draw around with pencil, mark eyes and nose by pushing the point of the pencil through the pattern and one layer of fabric. Reverse pattern and repeat for second fox.

2. Machine stitch directly on line, cut out, turn, stuff and stitch closed.

3. Paint eyes gold, pupil black and line eyes with a very thin brown line, paint nose black. Side load wet brush with brown and shade under chin and above tail. Use coarse brush to dry brush white on ears, cheeks, chin, eyebrow and top and end of tail. Highlight eyes and nose with a speck of white.

© 1996,  Arlene's Original Designs

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