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Friends Of Cloth Dolls is a mailing list that encompasses the entire spectrum of cloth doll activity. Original artists, collectors, designers, suppliers and hobbyists are all friends of cloth dolls!
The purpose of the list is for the exchange of  information relating to these activities and also projects that members themselves initiate and coordinate.

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free and is  provided by the Internet Visions Company as part of The Doll Net system.

Friends of Cloth Dolls has "ghost moderators" so that the members are the nucleus of the group, not the moderators. The exchange of information and projects are driven, within the guidelines, by the group.
There are over 1,300 subscribers to Friends of Cloth Dolls!

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FOCD Project Co-Ordinator:
Carolyn Englert

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Swap Rules

First - all proposed swaps must be run by the FOCD Project Co-Ordinator (Carolyn Englert before posting to the list. 

It isn't a case of getting permission - rather a case of keeping the record straight.  We have had situations where two different people thought they were in charge of a swap - this helps keeps our threads from getting tangled.  Also, Carolyn has a set of guidelines, developed after a lot of experience doing swaps, which may help a first time swap host.

Next, the swap is sent to the list, all interested parties must respond to the person hosting that swap.  The swap announcement must contain any rules (i.e. - sign up dates, mailing dates, skill level preference, type of swap, if a special pattern is to be used.)

While Carolyn does keep track of all ongoing swaps, she does not handle the sign-ups.  Responding to the list to sign-up may result in your email being missed by the swap host, and you not getting into the swap.  Email the swap host personally.

Once you get your partner, you should keep in touch with them-frequent emails, etc.  Part of the fun of a swap is in getting to know the other person a little better.  Many  have made great friendships this way.

If, for any reason, you are unable to mail the doll on time, please be sure to let your partner know.  Life happens to all of us-expect the unexpected!  DO NOT mail your doll until the other person is ready!  We can't say that often enough!  ALL swaps must be mailed Priority Mail, with either return receipt requested, or delivery confirmation - insurance is up to you, although it is recommended..  However, it is
certainly one way of keeping the PO on their toes! Both only cost pennies more-what are your priorities?

Dolls can get lost or ruined - pack them carefully, with either bubble wrap or tissue-also be sure they are in a waterproof wrapping-like a plastic bag.

Pictures of finished swap dolls can be sent, as .jpg (jpegs), to Paul, or to Internet Visions Company, Att: Crafty College, POB 166, Milford, DE 19963

If you lose contact with your swap partner-do not mail!  Contact the swap host-she will then attempt to reach your partner.  If she is unable to do so, she will turn it over to Carolyn.  If  the situation can not be resolved  that person's name will be passed on to future swap hosts as someone to watch out for.  The swap host can choose not to accept that person in future swaps because of past performance.

Finally, anyone who has been "stiffed" in a swap-that is sent a swap item, and got nothing back, don't despair!  We have a lovely group of anonymous "angels" who will see that you get a swap-and they expect nothing in return! 

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email Carolyn

Carolyn Englert, Project Co-Ordinator, FOCD ~~~

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