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Friends of Cloth Dolls
What People Are Saying....

Why join our mailing list?

"How does it differ from a bulletin board 

or a chat room?"

Some of the members of Friends of Cloth Dolls offer their answers to these questions.....

I would say the advantage of this type of list over a bulletin board or chat room is the continuity of membership.  It is conducive to civil behavior.  Some of the bulletin boards seem to be staked out by "experts" who prove their expertise by flaming newbies who ask sincere questions.  The result is that most posts are from a small group people, who are more interested in themselves than other people. 
Here, no question is stupid, and dollmakers who make a living selling their experience and time are still very generous with advice to beginners -- even when the same question shows up a month later from a new member.  We are dollmakers of vastly different experience, different social groups, different countries, and so on, and we are a cohesive group, sharing ideas. This is the internet at its best.      eileen c.

......this list is so much better than the bulletin boards, and chat rooms for many reason, but mostly because with this list you can join in on discussions or just read through them and make mental notes of what you learn.  This form of communication lends itself to making wonderful friends as well.  I'd be lost without a list like this.          Marta E. 

I am really on my own as a cloth dollmaker in this country (Amsterdam).  It was like being stuck on a desert island.   Years ago, Gloria (Mimi) Winer's newsletter became my lifeline and kept me going, convincing me I wasn't the only one of my species.  Nowadays, I belong to several lists! (Bears, dolls, crafts and costumes).   I have been pleased to share knowledge with those I could help, and have gratefully received a wealth of technical assistance and inspiration from others.  There is sometimes a great deal of shared laughter.   I have made REAL friendships, and have met some of these friends outside of cyberspace.  I have received LOVE in the form of inspirational Emails, snail mail cards and even gifts from new friends all over the world.  These have kept me going during the darkest of days when my health was seriously bad and anxiety and pain made it hard to go on.  If I had to sum up what list membership means to me it would be Sharing and Caring.  I know it is rumored that there are lists that are very unfriendly places to be, wackos come out of the woodwork and flame folks, etc. Fortunately, this (and the other lists to which I belong) are warm, nurturing and creative oases.  I'm really glad I found this place.       Hugs,  Jonette in Amsterdam

Bulletin Boards are so cold and impersonal and chats are only for the moment!  Lists are ongoing and create friendships and support!  It is a place to network, share everyday life occurrences, support each other on a daily basis for projects, ideas, lifes ups and downs! It is a large group of people who get to know each other and have a feeling of trust and familiarity with!  It is having a place to go to for answers....... feedback......... response......It is a place to take a stand when you feel passionate about something step up on the "Soap Box" every once in a help others and get help........ Have I said enough!!  Guess I am convinced we are a lucky group of people to find others that enjoy the love of cloth dolls.........and find they are groups we have no idea how we lived without before!!!        Audrey

The thing I like most about being able to ask questions when ever I want to is the fact that I can go back to work and the next brake go on line and there is the answer for me.  The BB are just too time consuming  and I soon found myself just skipping them all together!!       Dru 

It's hard to put into words what it means to get all the wonderful hints on here for a beginning dollmaker.  They are very much appreciated by all of us!  It's also fun to get to know everyone this way.  Thanks, Paul, for keeping this going.  Because of these lists, I am becoming more enthused about doll making than I ever was before.  The very best thing about it is finding out about all the DIFFERENT types of cloth doll patterns that are out there...and getting to see pix of them on-line!  There is more information in these lists than I could ever find in magazines, and I wouldn't have found out about the magazines without the list, either.       Dolly Hugs from NJ, Diane

My answer to the question is:  Being on the list is like being at a large party.  You can overhear many conversations at once but choose which one to, to talk about the weather, there, to talk about husbands, here, to talk about techniques (about husbands or painting faces), there, to talk about something in private or make a new friend, here, to ask questions and get many answers or there, to follow a line of conversation more fully...or just wander around and watch the people and listen in...or sit on the couch and do the same maybe holding hands with one person..and all the time knowing others are doing the same --watching, listening, joining in when they want...And, knowing we are with friends who have something in common --in this case the love of making dolls or thinking about making dolls.  And the party is happening every day and we can come and go as our life outside cyberspace allows......             Love Marian in PA 

I feel that the mailing lists are a better usage of time and sharing of information for the following reasons. The mailing list has on it all comments from members collected and distributed as one "message" or digest. You can quickly scroll the messages that are not of interest to you; pursue and read any or all of the others. Even though you may not be interested in what is in the subject line, you may find a tidbit within the message. The mailing list is more like being in a room with a bunch of people, hearing what they have to say one at a time and being able to respond to that individual or to the entire group. 
In regard to a bulletin board - you have to click on each message to see what it has to say. It may or may not fit the subject in the message appropriately for your interests. Clicking back and forth from each message to the bulletin board gets to be a boring chore for me. I like the mailing list digests better. 
In regard to the chat rooms - I understand that some people really like them but you have to get there at the same time as someone you wish to speak to. Many times I have checked them only to find no one there, some conversation about which I have no interest, gossip, or someone just roaming wanting to make trouble or something less  wholesome. 
A moderated mailing list of email members with common interest is the most convenient, informative, valuable, wholesome and time efficient for me. Try one for a while - you can always unsubscribe.               Jean

I was new at both the computer and the web when I discovered FOCD late last summer. The daily list includes information, questions, and ongoing discussions. It is more convenient for me than a chat room, because I can access it at any time. It is more personal than a bulletin board. Best of all, I have encountered new ideas I never would have seen otherwise.      Marian

I have learned more about doll making, received information about sources, helpful hints, free patterns and have encountered the finest people I have ever had the privilege to know.             Renata 

The information that is exchanged is phenominal.  Everyone giving so freely.   I have learned so much about my craft from being with this group. Living in a rural area, I had never had the opportunity to enter my dolls in doll shows.  I found out how to do that here.  I learned to value my work.  Not to sell myself short.   I learned that "playing with dolls" is okay.    I guess what I am trying to say is simply that we only improve each other and yet we are uniquely different.  We can all take the same doll pattern and using our natural talent along with the helpful information that we have gleened from each other - - no two will ever turn out alike.  Yet they will all be beautiful. 
The bulletin boards to me, are so annonymous and impersonal.   In most cases, you don't get to know the people you are answering or that are answering you. Chat rooms drive me crazy. I do go to them, but I hate to try to read and type at the same time.  If you don't keep up, by the time you answer, everyone else is on a different subject. I even type fairly fast and have trouble.  The list allows you the time to read your mail at your leisure and answer those you want to respond to.            Gail,  Iowa

My 2 cents worth is that a mailing list differs from a bulletin board: the mailing list gets sent to your e-mail adress, to read mails on a BBS you have to access it. I also find easier to store the messages when I get them as mail. I also think that messages on BBS gets deleted after awhile so if you dont have time to read for a couple of days you might miss information. When you get a mailing list and you dont have time to read it you can simply file it on your harddrive and access it when you have time. 
And a chat, to get everything you need to be online on the computer all the time reading what people write. A mailing list you can download whenever you want. 
Also, this is great when people are from different places, like me from Sweden. I have trouble with the time difference when I want to chat.       Hanna, Sweden a mailing list, you share ideas, hints, tips, resources-and you can join in Exchanges and Challenges.  On a bulletin board, some of this happens, but you usually don't get a full range of response the way we do.  It is also a chance to make friends-I have formed many friendships thru the list.  I have learned of new designers, new sources of supply, new places to show my dolls, and every time I posed a questin, I got loads of responses. It is like being part of a big, international club-with no pesky meeting times to conflict with your schedule.  I think the people on a mailing list are more committed than those who post casually on a BB.  And as for enthusiasm-well, let me just say that there are a lot of things I would never have tried without the support of my internet cloth doll friends.        Carolyn

Difference between our digest and bulliton boards - I think the digest is much more personal and informative, like writting a letter to friends, where as a bulletin board is more like putting an ad in the newspaper.              Karen in PA 

I've never been on a bulletin board but heartily agree with all the good things said about the Friends list.  My time with the FOD e-mail every day is a special time.    Christine

"How does FOCD differ from a Bulletin Board or Chat Room"  I think the main difference is that on FOCD you have nearly 1000 members ready and anxious to give someone new a helping hand.  If you are an experienced doll maker then you have the opportunity to help others as well.  The BBs and chat rooms are okay but in a more limited way.  My experience in the chat room was frustration at having to wait so long for any response to your even being there and frequently by the time a question was answered I had almost forgotten what I had asked ( is this adult ADS). I have never stayed in one long enough to form any kind of relationship with other participants.  With FOCD on the other hand I have found many cyberfriends close to my age group who share a lot of my growing up memories, have the same values and outlook on life.  I treasure this group and hope to remain a member for a long, long time.    If you want to meet new friends, join a lot of fun activities and increase your dollmaking skills - this is the place for you to be.          Happy days.  Burtine

I will attempt to answer what I think might be the difference between a chat room, bulletin board and a mailing list. A chat room is something that is going on live at that moment. You read what people are talking about and you respond by typing your question or answer. Then they might respond back to you. A bulletin board is on a web site and you must go to that web site every day to see what is posted. A mailing list sends a letter via e-mail and when you open your e-mail there are all the letters from Friends of Cloth Dolls. To me, that is the most fun because you can also get involved this way, much like a chat room, only you do have to wait for some time for an answer to your question. I love my e-mail and check it at least three times a day. I don't always have time to go web-surfing. I have also made some very good friends this way. I prefer the mailing list.           Cheers! Anna

I guess I need the reverse explaination since I don't know what a chat room is/does OR a bulletin board.  I DO know that FOCD is contact with other dollmakers who just happen to be the most wonderful group of women and men.  They are helpful, giving, generous, supportive and encouraging. I would tell the person asking this question, that they can just "lurk" or jump in and get to know others by sharing, asking questions when they come up and explore all the avenues that are shared on FOCD.  I DO think though that FOCD should attach a "warning label" that says: "FOCD can become quickly addictive and you'll make ALL kinds of new great friends from all over the world".  Marcia

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