Pattern by Meo (Meomagic@aol.com)
Revised August 19, 1999

Example FOCD Doll-U PinDoll  by Meo.
Example FOCD Doll-U PinDoll  by Meo.

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Finished pin measures 2 inches.

Supplies Needed:


Cut the small circle from cardboard.

Trace pattern piece onto double layer of knit fabric, cut.  Make sure that you cut the pattern pieces so that the most stretch goes in the direction of the stretch arrow.

Mark the dots on both pieces.  So that the dots will show on the outside, sew the center front seam using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Trim seam to 1/8 inch.  Run a gathering stitch all around with a very strong thread of  your choice. (I use Coats & Clark upholstery thread.)  “Roll” a small handful of polyester fiberfill into a large marshmallow size and center it in the middle of the wrong side of the face, lay the cardboard circle on top and cinch the gathering thread up around the cardboard, tie securely and cut off thread.

Turn face over.  With a large sturdy needle pull the fiberfill into the nose area.

Thread needle with  upholstery thread and insert needle into dot #1(leaving a tail) exit at other dot #1.  Pulling thread tightly go back and forth at the same dots until thread feel secure, cut off tail.  Now insert needle into dot #2 on same side of face, exit at dot #3 looping the thread around as you do in a lazy daisy stitch, creating one side of the nose. Insert needle near dot #3 (catching loop) and exit at dot #1 on the other side of nose.  Go under and back and forth from one side of nose at dots #1
until thread feels secure.  Repeat from * for other side of nose.  Insert needle into dot #1 and exit at dot #4 on the same side of the face  Secure the thread.  Now insert the needle into same dot #4 and exit at dot #5 on the same side of face.  Insert needle into dot #3  and exit at dot #3 on the other side of the face.  Insert the needle into dot #5 and exit at dot #4, pull tight to create cheeks.  Secure thread and cut off.

Sew on the beads for the eyes, pull tight to the back so that they indent slightly.

With black micron marking pen draw eyebrows, eyelashes, and smiling mouth as shown in picture.  Apply “rough” to cheeks with red parisma pencil.

String the “Alpha” beads alternating with the five #4 beads any color and sew underneath chin. Sew pin to back.

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