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Storybook Doll Challenge

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Intermediate Category Winners!
Pictures of all Dolls can be found below the winners list.
1st Place
"The Grasshoper and the Ant"
by Rita Hernandez
from... Mass., USA

Prizes: $80 Doll Net Gift Certificate and Free Patti LaValley Pattern!

2nd Place

"Ole King Cole"
by David Gust
from... IN, USA

Prizes: $50 Doll Net Gift Certificate and Free Pattern by Judi Wellnitz!

3rd Place

by Paula Furgason
from... FL, USA

Prizes: $25 Doll Net Gift Certificate and a Free Judi Ward Pattern!

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Doll by Daria Cash
from... OK, USA

We’re off to see the Wizard….

I first made the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz books. When done, he asked for Dorothy, and when she was done, they both asked for the Tin Man. All were adapted from an Ike Putney pattern. It was challenging and fun figuring out how to create them. 14" - 18"

People's Choice

2nd Place - Intermediate

Doll by David Gust
from... IN, USA

"Ole King Cole"

Soft sculpted body with polymer clay sculpted head and hands. The hair and beard is Tibetan Lamb. Silks, satins and vintage mink make up the costume. He is sitting in a hand crafted wooden chair.

Doll by Jennie Loudon
from... Scotland, UK

Bad Mary

She is a depiction of the witch from "Hansel and Gretal" She lives in
the gingerbread house and lures in unsuspecting children. I suspect
this particular character has also links to "Baba Inga" in her house
on stilts of chicken legs, surrounded by a fence of bones and
concealing the entrance to the underworld. The pattern is all original.

Doll by Kaaren Lynch
from... VA, USA

Harry Potter and Friends

Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger from the "Harry Potter" series. Harry and Ron are 24", and Hermione is 17". These were made for presents for my granddaughter, age 10, who just loves the Harry Potter books. These were all made from a Julie McCullough pattern, called Wiz Kids.

Doll by Kathleen David
from... NY, USA


Dobbie is a house elf from the Harry Potter Series of books by JK
Rowling. He is a fully functional hand and rod puppet from an
original design by the artist.

Doll by Elizabeth Marten
from... OHIO, USA

Auntie Claus

She is the main character, Santa's sister, in a Christmas favorite by Elise Premavera. She wears red velveteen trimmed with white rabbit fur and a fur muff. Her face has been altered to include her turned up nose and painted with Prisma colored pencils.

Pattern Designer: Body adapted from Queen of Hearts by Martha Wittine.

Doll by Elizabeth Marten
from... OHIO, USA

Nanny McPhee (Nurse Matilda)

The movie called her Nanny, but in the book The Collected Tales of Nurse Matilda by Christine Brand, she's Matilda. She wears her black silk dupioni suit and matching hat. Her trapunto face includes the famous wiskered moles. Prisma colored pencils detail her face. Black suede shoes complete her outfit.

Pattern designer: Body adapted from Queen of Hearts by Martha Wittine.

Doll by Elizabeth Marten
from... OHIO, USA

"I" from Math Curse

This is "I" from Math Curse by Joe Scieszka and Land Smith. "I" is frustrated by the world of mathmatics as you can see from her expression and the wild black hair. She is plastered flat against the clock, one of her frustrations.
Original Design

Doll by Marianne Brennan
from... Ireland


My doll is based on The Little Mermaid, I have called her Clea, she is made up using an adjusted pattern of Patti Madris Curlea, I made the tail pattern myself, the fabric is scraps of fabric on base fabric, covered in tule and random quilted with silver thread, the body I painted silver, and her hair is made from an old wig and some strands of wool, her tail and hands are wired.

Doll by Patt Jenks
from... MT, USA

Junie B. Jones

Junie B. Jones is graduating from Kindergarten, but she spills juice on her graduationrobe. She is so sad; so the teacher has allof the children paint on their robes. She has on her famous stripped socks and headband.

Title of Book: JUNIE B. JONES IS A GRADUATION GIRL, by Barbara Park.

People's Choice

3rd Place - Intermediate

Doll by Paula Furgason
from... FL, USA


Who wouldn't love being whisked around on a flying carpet with their personal genie appearing at the stroke of a magic lamp? From 1001 Nights, Aladdin embodies our eternal free spirit. We never know where the flying carpet will take us next!

Body only pattern: "A Dude for all Seasons" by Mary Ann Kaahanui and Bonnie B. Lewis.

Doll by Ramona Rae
from... GA, USA

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill storybook challenge. patterns from patti m.culea book, cloth doll making. 12" sitting and 24" standing. the dolls are made of mixed patterns from the same book. shoes are red felt, straw hats, wings are fun foam. the material used is from my "stash". this jack and jill live in fairyland.

People's Choice

1st Place - Intermediate

Doll by Rita Hernandez
from... Mass., USA

"The Grasshoper and the Ant"

Enclosed is the three pictures of my rendition of "The Grasshoper and the Ant" story, these dolls are my original design, the grasshoper is about nine inches tall and the ants are about four inches tall, both are fabric and wired, the log is quilted fabric and has doors that open and close, so much fun playing for this challenge.

Doll by Sarah Lucas
from...PA, USA

"The Snow Queen"

She is "the Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Anderson.
My story on her is" she heard the cry from a bird with an injured and tried to rescue it from the bitter cold.
It is an Arley Berryhill pattern with some changes, the gown is my own design.

Doll by Margaret Garland

"Goldilocks and the 3 Bears"
The bears are a 3 in 1 doll. Mama, papa, and baby bear.

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