Spring Wreath With Sprites
© 2001 Arlene's Original Design

Pattern Download Page

Below are three options to print the pattern.

Option 1 - Web Graphic (.gif format):

Click on links below to view the pattern and print directly from the web. You may need to set your browser's margins as small as possible so the pattern fits on one page.


With this option the pattern may print a little small or large depending on your computer setup. There are 1 inch scale marks on the patterns so if needed you can enlarge or reduce the size either by hand or by using a photocopier.

Option 2 - PDF Format:
Below is a  link to download the pattern in a PDF format. 

Pattern - PDF (36KB)

You will need the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the pattern.  If your computer does not have this free software you can download it from the Adobe website - Click HERE for Free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Option 3 - MS Word 97 Format:

Below is a  link to download the pattern in MS Word 97 format.  The pattern will print the correct size with this option. 

Pattern - MS Word (51KB)

Depending on your browser you can either save it to a disk and open it with MS Word (MS WordPad, or other compatible word processor) or open it directly from the browser.

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