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Spring Wreath With Sprites

 © 2001,  Arlene's Original Designs

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Materials and Supplies

  1. 1/3 yard of flesh colored velour (cotton broadcloth may be substituted).
  2. Thread to match velour
  3. Soft lead pencil
  4. Chenille stems (6 for each sprite)
  5. Fiberfill (small amount)
  6. Brown permanent ink pen, I.E. Micron Pigma
  7. Gel pens, one pink and one white
  8. Cheese cloth, 1 package or about 2 yards
  9. Acrylic paints in colors of your choice (I used, Cermacoat Grape, Dark Jungle Green and Tomato Spice and Pumpkin mixed)
  10. One 16" or 18" Grapevine wreath
  11. Silk flowers of choice
  12. String, approx. 2 yards
  13. Textile medium or acrylic varnish
  14. Extra thick tacky glue or hot glue gun
  15. Silk flowers of choice
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1. Glue pattern on card stock and cut out.
2. Place pattern on double layer of velour, smooth sides together (the fuzzy side will be inside when turned) draw around pattern with a pencil, machine stitch directly on line, and cut out leaving a 1/8" seam allowance.
3. Open up toes and stitch across end of toes.

4. Wind two of the chenille stems together, 2 for each leg and turn back both ends 1/2",  then wind the other two together for the arms, measure across and cut off excess, leaving enough to turn back both ends 1/2".

5. Insert chenille stems into legs and extending all the way through the body and into the head.  Then insert the other two chenille stems into the hands and arms.

6. Very lightly stuff the head and body with a little fiberfill and stitch opening closed.

7. Paint a coat of textile medium over the front head (face area) and let dry.

8. Draw any of the face ideas onto the doll with a brown permanent pen.  Fill in the lips with pink and the teeth with white gel pens.

9. Dye the cheese cloth and string with paint as follows:  Mix 1 tablespoon of paint with about 1 and 1/2 cups of water, stir to dissolve, making one bowl for each color.

Dye one yard and one foot in one color (I used grape) and one foot in each of the other two, add 1/3 of the string in each of the colors.

10. Soak all for about one hour, then rinse once or twice. Don't rinse too well or most of the color will come out, you want a pastel color and a little of the paint left in for body.  Let air dry.

11. When dry cut all four layers at the same time into 7" squares and cut a quarter size whole in the center.

12. Separate the squares, save one for the top, layer the other three staggered and put over the feet and position at the waist. Put the 4th layer over the head and position for blouse.  Wrap the string around the waist 3 or 4 times, tie in a secure knot making sure the skirt is tied up under the blouse.

13. Cut off a 2" length of cheesecloth and glue to head with flowers for hair.

14. Cut the yard long piece of cheesecloth lengthwise down the center and position this piece around the wreath.

15. Bend the sprite's arms and legs and position with the flowers as desired and glue in place with thick tacky glue or hot glue gun.



© 2001,  Arlene's Original Designs

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