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(April 21-29 - NE Ohio)

Cloth Doll Challenge

And the Winners Are...

1st Place

~ Ballet Class ~
Lois Boncer

2nd Place

~ Balinese Legong Dance ~
by Yi Li

3rd Place

~ Dances with Butterflies ~

by Stephanie Novatski

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Entry #1

Doll by Holly Zarcone
from... Kalispell, MT, USA

~ Ballet Doll ~

I altered a pattern from Patti Culea's book, "Creative Cloth Doll Making". Her dress is silver dupioni silk with wide black lace. Her shoes are white silk with silk ribbon laces. Her white stockings are nylon. Her wig is mohair.

Entry #2

Doll by
Barbara Vanselow

~ Dancing the Charleston ~

Doll is dancing the Charleston to the music "Putting on the Ritz". There is a wind up music box in the Victrola. Her dress is hand made bobbin lace with beaded fringe. Her under garments are made from a 1920's trousseau. All work was done by myself.

Entry #3

Doll by
Chitkala Chander

~  Classical Bharatanatyam Dance Dolls of India ~

Entry #4

Doll by Claire-ellen
from... Camano Island, WA USA

~ Flirtatious Flamenco Dancer ~

This is the Flirtatious Flamenco Dancer, Carmen with the Matador who does his own
Dance with El Toro and looks on spellbound with Carmen's beauty and Wiles.

These needle-modeled cloth dolls are designed with authentic costumes by
the dollmaker.

Entry #5

2nd Place

Doll by Yi Li

~ Balinese Legong Dance ~

They are inspired by Balinese Legong dance which is considered to be the most feminine and graceful among all Balinese dances. I was totally blown away by the glittering costumes and beautiful look and just had to make a cloth doll out of it. The dolls are fully jointed and measure about 21" (54cm) tall. Their faces are needle sculpted, clothes are made from solid fabric stenciled with gold acrylic paints, the leather apron/collar/belt/headpiece are all carved out with hot tools from a piece of faux leather fabric.

Entry #6

Doll by Danka Alquinta

~ Joile ~

Made in the Online class "Joile,
a Music Box Ballerina"
taught by Kathy Hays.

Entry #7

Doll by Deborah Robinson

~ Erin the Faery Princess ~

Her garments are in the style of an Irish Step Dancer and she could represent that style of dance.  She stands approx. 20" tall and is entirely handcrafted..cloth art doll..needlesculpted and hand painted face, needlefelted fleece hair, and she is wired for posability.

Entry #8

Doll by Diane Lundgren
from... Oregon, USA

~ Anna Pavlovnia and her baby ~

Entry #9

Doll by Judi Ward

~ African Dancer Wall Hanging ~

Entry #10

Doll by Karen Shifton

~ Odette and Ziegfried ~

When I think of dancing and graceful motions, I automatically think of ballet and the artists who perform this style of dance. Odette and Ziegfried represent the main characters in the well known ballet "Swan Lake". This whole concept was inspired by the discovery of a hidden bag of incredible bridal lace. From that point on, it was playtime with fabrics, feathers and embellishments and Voila ! a pair of dancers have emerged. Both dolls are about 12" in height with needle sculpted features, wired hands and can stand without assistance.

The doll bodies were made from designs by Mary Ann Kaahanui & Bonnie B Lewis..

Entry #11

1st Place

Doll by Lois Boncer

~ Ballet Class ~

8 little girls lined up at the bar.
This is an original design by the dollmaker.

Entry #12

Doll by Lucia Cortes

~ Rosario ~

One of the Kind ( is original pattern) 19" Needle sculpture, only cloth.

Entry #13

Doll by Holly Lewis

~ Sugarplum Fairy ~

This doll is in honor of my daughter who had the opportunity to be the doll and sugarplum fairy in our local December 2006 Nutcracker performance.

Entry #14

Doll by Nancy Hall

~ An Original Ballerina Doll ~

My interest in dollmaking began when my daughter began taking ballet and I made her a doll with the same costume as she was wearing in the Nutcracker. I fell in love with ballet costumes and this doll grew out of that.

Entry #15

Doll by Candy Murray
from Perth Western Australia

~ The Sugar Plump Fairie ~

She is called "The Sugar Plump Fairie" and is from a pattern by Marilyn Halcomb. She was 'born' on March 22, 2007 and has never been entered in a contest before.

Entry #16

Doll by
Martha Wittine

~ Coppelia doll ~
(from the Coppelia ballet)


Entry #17

Doll by Shashi Nayagam

~ Sujii the Silk Fairy ~

She is called Sujii the silk fairy. She does her wild dance
of freedom as she comes out of her cocoon.

Entry #18

3rd Place

Doll by Stephanie Novatski

~ Dances with Butterflies ~

As Spring advances and temperatures rise
The sleeping fairies open their eyes.
So happy are they to see the sunlight
They dance on the flowers to all’s delight.

And the butterflies hearing their song,
Flutter and flitter and dance along.
So ephemeral and fleeting is this dance,
Only the whimsical can catch a sweet glance.

Entry #19

Doll by Diane Lundgren

~ Alice ~

She is named her Alice in honor of Alicia Alonso who played a big part in the founding of the American ballet theater.

Entry #20

Doll by Stephen A. Rausch

~ Le Cirque: The Web Dancer ~

"Le Cirque: The Web Dancer"
based on
the aerial web acts of traditional circus.


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Challenge Information...

Each year NE Ohio Com. for NDW has a huge event which brings in around 1000 people.  This year it is April 29th and we would like to display the winner of this challenge (with permission, of course) at the event.  Also our sponsor, True North Cultural Arts, a non-profit arts organization, is holding an art show which ends May 6 and we would display the winner at this event also (again with permission).

Challenge Rules... Design a doll or submit one you have already made that would represent one of the various dance disciplines:  Ballet, tap, jazz, modern, folk, ethnic, etc.

Thank you.   Margaret Holden
State Director, National Dance Week



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