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Dilley Pattern
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Dilley, Our Logo Doll

Dilley - Cloth Doll by Kezi Matthews
     Our logo doll, Dilley, is part of The Oregon RagBabies© family of soft dolls created by Kezi Matthews in 1990. Dilley is 14½" tall and is made of unbleached muslin. She was the fourth doll in the popular series and immediately became a hit with dollmakers. 

Dilley - Cloth Doll by Kezi Matthews
     Dilley was named for a tiny town in the beautiful State of Oregon, as were all the RagBabies. A true little goodwill ambassador, Dilley has had the distinction of being chosen by many dollmaking volunteers as the doll to make for sick children in pediatric wards. She regularly visits grade schools courtesy of dollmaking school teachers, and has accompanied other members of her RagBaby family, made up in every complexion color, to missionary outposts around the world through the good graces of dedicated dollmaking church women. 

    Says Kezi, "I am so honored that Dilley was chosen for The Doll Net Logo. And her stardom on the Internet hasn't gone to her head at all...she's still the same lovable, huggable little Oregon RagBaby she always was!"

The "Dilley Pattern" has been reprinted as a Special Edition Pattern by The Doll Net. Click HERE to check out the availability of Kezi's "Dilley Pattern" as well as other patterns by Kezi Matthews. Please check out these beautiful Special Edition Patterns, but be warned that after you see Kezi's beautiful dolls you will not be able to leave without taking home at least one of her patterns! 

About Kezi
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Did you Know?

Kezi's Doll "Dilley" was featured on the 1st in Series Collectible Mouse Pad!

Cloth Dolls - Mouse Pad

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