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Friends of Cloth Doll's
Storybook Doll Challenge

Coordinated by Carolyn Englert

Thank you to Patti LaValley,
Judi Wellnitz (Doll Street Dreamers), Pat Haut ( Donated 2 E.J. Taylor Books)
Judi's Dolls and The Doll Net  For Donating Prizes.

The Winners are......

The Beginner Category Winners are listed Below.

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Beginner Category Winners
Pictures of all Dolls can be found below the winners list.

1st Place
Rip Van Winkle
Beryl A. McMaster

from... Fl, USA

Prizes: Scholarship to Doll Net Online Class, $50 Doll Net Gift Certificate and Copy of "The Thorn Witch" by E.J. Taylor!

2nd Place

by Katalin Ráczkevi
from... Budapest, Hungary

Prizes: Scholarship to Doll Net Online Class and $30 Doll Net Gift Certificate!

3rd Place

Golden Bluebell
by Stella Boyer
from... NY, USA

Prizes: Scholarship to Doll Net Online Class and a Free Judi Ward Pattern!

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People's Choice

1st Place - Beginner

Doll by Beryl A. McMaster
from... Fl, USA

Rip Van Winkle

This is Rip Van Winkle, our doll club (The Daffodolls) in Melbourne, Florida did several storybook dolls and had a display at one of our libraries. Each of us had the book next to the doll, we were very well received by the children. I enjoyed making him, I have only been doing dolls for 2 years and I am hooked. The pattern I used was based on Sentimental Bloke by Ann Clemens, he is 22" tall when standing. I replaced the rifle with a wooden staff as I thought this is more acceptable to children.

Doll by Rusti Smith
from... AZ, USA


Esmeralda, from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, inspired this Original Design. She is a 21" Needle-scuplted Cloth Doll, ready to Dance and "Jingle" her Tamborine to the Beat.
She was Lots of Fun to make!

Doll by Karen Smith
from... AZ, USA

The Firebird

From Russian folk tale to ballet to storybook, the Firebird teaches the value of freedom. By allowing her freedom, she becomes an ally in our quest for our own. Her inspiration led me to design this 21” doll from the armature out and the freedom to attempt new techniques.

Doll by Linda Kiewicz
from... IL, USA

Humpty Dumpty

We all know Humpty Dumpty Had a great Fall, Well this is Just before He Fell. His Body is made of a Cotton Stretch blend material. The Rest of Humpty Dumpty's outfit is made of Felt also Part of his Body. I am a amateur Doll Maker.

People's Choice

2nd Place - Beginner

Doll by Katalin Ráczkevi
from... Budapest, Hungary


She is Felicíty Wishes, she based on Emma Thomson tale, I prepared it after unique plans. She is 25 cm tall. I prepared all of her details. I dyed her body with tea and her hair is cotton thread. The mouth and eyes are embroidered.

People's Choice

3rd Place - Beginner

Doll by Stella Boyer
from... NY, USA

Golden Bluebell

This doll was made from the Bluebell Fairy pattern by Julie McCullough, from Magic Threads. The wings were made with organza and wire covered with satin stitch.

Doll by Faye Belgrave
from... Ontario, Canada


Cinderella is an original design doll made to portray the Walt Disney storybook Cinderella. She stands at 24 1/2" tall in her high heel slippers. Made from poly cotton fabric and polyester stuffing, her wardrobe
Include panties, bra, crinoline, gloves, headband, pearl earring and leather choker to carry off her gown.


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