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"Bleuette and Friends, Home for the Holidays"
Cloth Doll Challenge

Sponsored by Judi's Dolls, Doll Net/Crafty College
and Dollmaker's Journey!

Little Bleuette in Cloth!
Little Bleuette in Cloth! - Online Cloth Doll Class - Click HERE!
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In Cloth

With a molded, cloth covered face.
Little Bleuette in Cloth! - Online Cloth Doll Class - Click HERE!

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The Votes Have Been Counted!

Click HERE to see the beautiful Bleuette Dolls and find out who won!

We are excited to sponsor the cloth doll challenge... "Bleuette and Friends, Home for the Holidays".

This challenge has evolved out or our most popular online class "Bleuette in Cloth" by Judi Ward and a follow up Mini Class “BLEUETTE” In Cloth AS "ALICE IN WONDERLAND".

Update! The Grand Prize Keeps Getting Bigger!

Grand Prize
is this original
"Bleuette in Cloth"
by Judi Ward!
Prize Includes... Bleuette Doll dressed in the Red dress, pinafore, petticoat, pantaloons, shoes and stockings...all made from the Alice clothing  pattern.       Chair, baby, bear, bear pull toy, paper doll set, Christmas tree and German made wood ornaments and pearls for the tree.

Prize Bleuette Story!

This little Bleuette was born in 1946, and for her 10th Christmas she wanted a drink and wet dolly very much! She got her baby, who had a hard rubber body, hard plastic head and curly hair. Her baby also had rubber ears! Her baby came dressed in lace and carrying a little rocking horse.

Bleuette also asked Santa for a big teddy bear, a set of paper dolls and many other things! We shall see if she gets everything she asked for as time marches on towards Christmas. (Update 10/03/06.. Santa gave her the bear!)

(Judi will be adding accessories/friends to the prize so check back!)

The "Bleuette in Cloth" class was a dream come true for Bleuette and Cloth Doll Lovers!  With the original porcelain Bleuette turning 100 years old in 2005 she is quite a phenomenon in the doll world right now.  What was missing was a Bleuette for cloth dollmakers, so Judi used all her skill and creativity to come up with the perfect cloth version and is presenting her unique doll making technique to the doll world! For more information on the class click Here.

As a follow-up to the class Judi now offers a Mini-Class called “BLEUETTE” In Cloth AS "ALICE IN WONDERLAND". Judi covers the technique of making a molded cloth covered face (using face mold by Sherry Goshon) as well as includes the pattern and instructions to make the "Alice in Wonderland" clothing for Bleuette. Judi also includes the instructions and pattern to make the cute the Little White Rabbit! With all the excitement we wanted to give dollmakers a chance at expanding their skills and winner a few prizes!

Below is the informationon the challenge.

You can see the final entries online... Just Click HERE!

"Bleuette and Friends, Home for the Holidays"
Cloth Doll Challenge

Information and Rules

Title... Bleuette and Friends, Home for the Holidays

Theme... A Cloth Bleuette Dressed for the Holidays accompanied by Friend/Friends (doll/dolls, animals, etc)

What Holidays? - December Holidays  (ie Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, New Years or other)

Sponsors... Judi's Dolls, Doll Net/Crafty College and Dollmaker's Journey!

Dollmaker Categories: The challenge will be split into the following 3 categories based on the dollmakers experience...

Beginner...A person who has made one or a few dolls, but is still learning many techniques and needs very good direction to accomplish the making of a cloth doll. They are usually not making dolls as gifts or selling dolls yet.

Intermediate...a person who has the sewing skills down pretty well, is still working through techniques, such as stuffing, jointing and finger turning, but has many, many skills mastered. Can proceed on their own with many things without step by step directions for every skill. Usually does not sell their work, but does make dolls for gifts.

Advanced....A person who has mastered most skills or at least the skills they wish to use for their dollmaking. They can usually look at a pattern and pretty much know what to do without reading it step by step, unless there is something really different about the doll. Many in this category sell their work on a regular basis or are designers themselves. If they sell their work or are designers they are automatically in the Advanced category.

People's Choice - Based on Online Voting, (a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be awarded for each of the 3 Dollmaker Categories)
  • 1st.. $100 Doll Net Market Gift Certificate (Judi Pattern, Online Classes and More!)
  • 2nd.. $50 Dollmakers Journey Gift Certificate (Patterns and Supplies)
  • 3rd.. $25 Dollmakers Journey Gift Certificate (Patterns and Supplies)
Grand Prize - Winner based on Random Drawing. (anyone who enters has a chance to win!)
  • Grand Prize is an original "Bleuette in Cloth" Dressed for the Holidays.. See pictures near top of page.
** Additional Awards will be announced in the near future.

Make a doll based on the "Bleuette in Cloth" pattern available only in the "Bleuette In Cloth Class". Your Bleuette can have the original face taught by Judi in the "Bleuette In Cloth Class" or by made using the press mold method taught in the "BLEUETTE In Cloth AS ALICE IN WONDERLAND" Mini Class which uses a press mold designed for the class by Sherry Goshon. (Note: The Bleuette can not be a porcelain doll. She must be made of cloth from the class pattern.)

Number of Entries: A maximum of 2 entries per dollmaker is allowed.

HOW to ENTER: Send a short note along with your e-mail address to us letting us know you will be making a doll. This way we can contact you with any updates.

Next Make your doll! Have fun and be as creative as you wish!

DUE Date Was November 15th

On or before November 15th participants need to send 3 photos of their entry and include a Doll Name (Title) and up to 50 word description or story to go with their doll, the dollmaker's Full Name and Address (e-mail and snail mail). Participants should ID which Dollmakers Category they feel they belong. (Please note that the sponsors have final decision as to which category a dollmaker belongs.)


The Entered Pictures will be posted on web without the dollmakers name for a period of 15 days. During this time visitors will be able to vote for their favorite doll and Judges will select winners for the different catagories. Winners will be announced Early December!

For more information on the classes click on the links below.

~ "Bleuette in Cloth" Online Class Info ~


Quick Links ~ "Bleuette in Cloth" Online Class Info ~

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